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Konoba Griblja (Sukošan)

Tavern Griblja is located in Sukosan, a typical Dalmatian place near Zadar.

An old stone building not far from the sea has all the amenities and comforts of the modern age.

The offer is based on modern cuisine with an emphasis on fresh seasonal ingredients. There are always fresh, quality food on our tables.

Wine, as the main accompanying drink in the gourmet tradition, is given great attention. In addition to top quality food, we tried to collect the best Croatian wines in the Wine List. Wine is an indispensable part of our everyday life, so visit the Wine Corner Konoba Griblja where you can enjoy dried meat delicacies from our gastro showcase and various tasting menus.

Selected delicacies are offered by Gastro shop konobe Griblja - premium products of Croatian origin, of which we single out: GLIGORA - entered the top 10 best cheeses in the world, CHIAVALON - among the top 15 best olive oils in the world, AURA products, BIBICH products, CARLETTI - homemade eco teas for snacking with clean fruit etc…


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