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Restaurant Joso (Sukošan)

Restaurant Joso is a family owned restaurant with more than 25 years of tradition and continuous work. We are located in Sukošan, in Zlatna luka bay by the Adriatic regional road, 8 km east of Zadar. The interior part of the restaurant can host up to 150 guests and the terrace can host another 50. The restaurant has a magnificent view of the sea and Zlatna luka bay, of Marina Dalmacija and Zadar channel.

Restaurant Joso has always been a place for meetings, whether for tourists that wish to try original local dishes, business people that want a more intimate atmosphere or family gathering with children. Whatever the reason, our professional personnel will meet all demands.

We strive to continuously improve and enhance our offer in order to deliver the best possible service to you at our restaurant, where you can enjoy superb food and wine, in a genuine Mediterranean atmosphere by the sea.

Every day you can choose between dishes prepared according to the traditional Dalmatian cuisine, with food coming from our local farmers. We offer fresh Adriatic fish on daily basis, where the offer depends on the catch of our local fishermen. Fish and meat dishes are prepared on the grill, while pizza is prepared in wood fueled bread oven.

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