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Queen's Beach (near City of Nin)

The long natural sandy beaches of Nin, with their total length of 8,000 m, are one of its trademarks and an impressive image which visitors remember about the oldest Croatian royal town. Kraljičina (meaning queen’s) beach is unique in many ways. It is Croatia’s longest sandy beach, and its name is connected to a legend. Namely, during a stay in Nin the first Croatian king, Tomislav, watched with his queen the unforgettable sunset and breath-taking view of the Velebit mountain and enjoyed rare relaxing moments.

It is also interesting that on the way to the beach one has to cross a 10-metre long shallow. Near the beach is the largest site of therapeutic mud in Croatia. Queen Jelena continued to cover her body with that mud, and in 1960 Nin was listed as a health resort by the sea with the organisation of an open-air health resort where during the summer months therapy under medical monitoring has continued for almost 60 years. To get to the beach part a network of wooden paths has been built through the unique biodiverse area where “shoulder to shoulder” there are as many as four habitats of the NATURA 2000 network with endemic and rare plant species.

In fact, this kind of shaping of nature, according to the interpretation of biologists, represents a natural botanical garden unique in Croatia, and maybe even in Europe. According to the choice of the American Travel Channel, the Queen’s beach is listed amongst the 100 most beautiful beaches in the world. Due to the shallow and warm sea, it is particularly attractive for families with babies and young children as well as older people, and outside the main season it is a favourite place for long romantic walks.

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